Immanuel Birkert - Dowsing

Immanuel Birkert

Galerie der HfbK Hamburg

January 11, 7pm

For many years, artists in almost all countries, especially in Germany, try everything to examine the utility of the Wünschelrute in various artistic tests. Every opportunity is taken to compare reports from diviners with actual data of fine arts. The results of these tests were clear: A connection between dowsing and fine arts is neither proven nor even likely to exist. Therefore, it is necessary to point out to the directors of the mentioned artistic surveys that the Wünschelrute is completely useless for the search of how to be a real artist. Due to these artistic findings, the utilization of dowsing has to be rejected especially concerning works that are financed by public funds. So many people say: please don’t dowse fine arts – just be an artist. However, fuck them all! Of course I’m convinced by the Wünschelrute! So I came up with some dowsing comparisons..