For Essentials of the Film

For Essentials of the Film
Mikio Saito and Youngho Lee

Exhibition: 5th - 12th April
Private View: 4th April, 7pm~

Performance is to project the 16mm film with loop structure, and
during the projection we make scratch directly on the film. This is
not for destruction or reconstruction of the work, but the last step
to complete this film work.

Our film has just two kind of pictures, that are solid white and
black, and has no sound. We make the sound by scratching the magnetic
part of the film to correspondent with the pictures (White pictures
to sound, Black pictures to silence) at the same time during the film
These four essentials are realised by one of the very important
avante garde film maker, Peter Kubelka (b.1934, Austria) 's film
called "Arnulf Rainer", in which film he tried to reduce the cinema
to the four essentials,
"Licht(light)" "Dunkel(dark)" "Ton(sound)" "Scweigen(Silence)"
and wrote scores like music.
We compose our film with black and white pictures. In the beginning
of projection it will be an incomplete film, then by our scratch
improvisation, silent film will have noise sound gradually, and at
end, it will become the film, which has four essentials.

The Japanese artist Mikio Saito and the Korean artist Youngho Lee who
since already some while cooperate as artist duo, are showing works
together in several exhibitions mainly in europe. This is their first
solo show in UK. Live and work in London and Berlin.

The Old Ship Gallery
387 Cable Street,
London, E1 0AH