Fwd: No tale may 'scape this land untold

We cordially invite you and your friends to our upcoming exhibition

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No tale may 'scape this land untold

Six young artists in search for the traces of stories within the
landscapes. Different narrative, seen by artists of various
backgrounds, presented via diverse media.

Søren Assenholt

Erik Blinderman

Yuki Higashino

Nicole Messenlehner

Charlotte Moth

Anke Philipp

Eröffnung am Dienstag / Opening on Thursday

3 Juni, 19.00-22.00

Dauer der Ausstellung/ Duration of exhibition:

3. Juni - 22. Juni 2008

By appointment / Nach Vereinbarung: +49(0)176 96894479

Platform SARAI, Schweizer Strasse 23, im Hof

D-60594 Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen