Ryan Smith - Useless Pyramids

Wendi proudly announces its 3rd Exhibition

Inspired by the visionary world of Keynesian Economic strategy, the artist tests the notion (in rigorous creative fashion) that constructing useless pyramids can play an important role in saving economies from total collapse. This artistic multiple which maintains faith in the useless pyramid model as a blanket savior for faltering economies provides stimulation and employment where it didn t exist before, not to mention joy and satisfaction for creator and client, in short total socio-economic-emotional alchemy.
We are pleased to inform you that these objects of wonder, abject fragments of a tortured psyche are available for you to buy at a nominal fee.
Highly decorated but without an unnecessary mark on them, these deliciously collectible tombs of petit morts supervised in a factory of melodrama flirt with memory, dressed up like meaningful watercolor tattoos.
One can see upon close inspection that adorned upon the surface are hysterical flourishes, existential groupings and the definite traces of some wonderfully confused artistic paradigm, but all the same grounded and rigorously framed by a highly pragmatic use of GCSE economic theory. SEEMINGLY VALUE FROM NOWHERE HERE!!