Yngve Holen - Totally Untrue - vernissage samedi 31 mai

YNGVE HOLEN, Totally Untrue

Yngve Holen (N) born 1982 in Braunschweig (D). He is currently living and working at la Cité des Arts, Paris.

Yngve Holen's first solo exhibition at the Galerie Lucile Corty sees the Norwegian artist displaying two large-format film projections; geometric bodies and lines in different colours rotate in a particular spatial arrangement around their own axis. As if within a universe, the elements rise up above an infinite imaginary level. The viewer is presented with an image in motion, as if floating in a galaxy or a schematised molecular structure. The digital form and colour schemes of digital computer drawings are reminiscent of scientific representations or visionary architectural plans. For the first time, Yngve Holen presents the CAD drawings here directly as a projection by transferring them to a film program. They are the result of a long-term work process. The artist uses the computer to draw lines and areas, which he in most cases develops over a period of weeks and months. As time passes, he thus creates more symbols and a higher density of Information. The drawing itself assumes unparalleled dimensions. Each work procedure is complete in itself and often integrates itself as a new layer irrespective of the product originating beforehand. The imagined infinity of the depiction opens up the question of perspective. It serves to express the drifting to and from microcosm into macro area, from the finest detail to the cosmos that we seem to belong to. (...)
(From Caroline Eggel on Yngve Holen's work. Translation from German: Francis Lee)

Vernissage samedi 31 mai de 18h à 21h

Exposition jusqu'au 12 juillet

Galerie Lucile Corty
2 rue Borda
F – 75003 Paris

phone +33 (0)1 44 78 91 14

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