I am not dead but I am divided

I am not dead but I am divided

Exhibition, Performance and Ghost Ride with

Agassi F.Bangura, Peter Feiler, Leonhard Hahn, Hanna Hildebrand, Nele Jahnke, Behrang Karimi, Oona-Lea von Maydell, Ayaka Okutsu, Wieland Schönfelder, Matthias Scholten, Jörg Schulze, Paul Wiersbinski

Friday, 29th of August 7 pm
Live Broadcast from Radio x stage 2 pm

Public living, working and interventions:
30th of August till 11th of September 10 am till 10 pm

Friday, 12th of September 7 pm
+2 shows on 13th and 14th of September 7 pm

Projektraum Satellit, Galerie Anita Beckers
Braubachstr. 15, Frankfurt am Main
U+Tram Römer

There will be a lecture program in the beginning of September, for more and updated informations visit:


The aim of this project is to refer to the roots of Performance by investigating into the life of the French writer, morphine addict and psychiatry patient Antonin Artaud. All participants will live for the duration of the exhibition in the gallery space and develop the outcome in an intimate and psychotic atmosphere, which can and should be interrupted by the public. The end of the show is the first presentation of the final dramatic result, which is supposed to be shown in theaters and performance venues.