Judith Raum / The Contemporary Arts Library Services: Artist talk with Elke Marhöfer, Friday 30th January, 6 pm

Frankfurter Kunstverein is pleased to announce a talk with Elke Marhöfer on Friday 30th January 2009 at 6 pm. The talk takes place within the exhibition „Contemporary Arts Library Services Pristina - Berlin" and the accompanying lecture program organised by Judith Raum in the 10 Reasons to be a Member- space.

"Looking at shadows'': Artist talk with Elke Marhöfer (Berlin)
Friday, 30th January, 6 pm

Elke Marhöfer uses film, drawing and performance in her works to aid her in her search for emancipative moments that have occurred both in the present times as well as in historical situations. She thereby avoids the distanced position of the critic in order to discover new strategies of communication and to seek out opportunities of working with others.

In January 2008, Elke Marhöfer gave a workshop at the Contemporary Arts Library in Pristina, at the invitation of Judith Raum. Her proposal was that the library function as a "thought in progress" and that the books were sorted anew by the participants of the workshop. She showed own works, among them a film that she made in the region in 1998/99 entitled phantoma entangled by aida. Here Elke Marhöfer collected, in terms of participatory documentary film practice, assessments in youth clubs and on the street from members of diverse socio-cultural and geographical milieus, concerning the political situation in the countries of ex-Yugoslavia; her travels for this project included Sarajevo and Pristina. The film shows a media-critical reflection of "Western" reporting approaches in which ordinarily hegemonic stories and oriental clichés of ethnic conflicts manifest themselves in the so-called Balkan countries. The film will be shown at the Frankfurter Kunstverein.

Elke Marhöfer (born in 1967) lives as an artist in Berlin. In 2001/02, she was a scholarship holder at the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York City and in 2003/05 she obtained a fellowship at the Akademie Schloß Solitude in Stuttgart. Since 2007 she has had a teaching assignment at Valand School of Art in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Artist talk in German language
Venue: Café im Kunstverein
Entrance is free.

December 12, 2008 – March 1, 2009
Opening: December 11, 2008, 7 pm

With her presentation of "Contemporary Arts Library Services Pristina – Berlin" in the 10 Reasons to be a Member- space at the Frankfurter Kunstverein, Judith Raum shows documentary material revealing the structure and central topics of recent projects realized by the "Contemporary Arts Library Services Pristina/Berlin". Initiated in 2005, the "Contemporary Arts Library" is a book collection of international contemporary art and theory in Pristina (Kosovo), consisting today of an inventory of 10,000 books, magazines and films that provide urgently required resources. Judith Raum has extended this facility since 2006, concentrating on establishing networks in (South-) Eastern Europe and on collecting publications from the region. In cooperation with invited artists the library has since developed into an open structure for participatory projects and presentations in and beyond Kosovo. 

The Presentation by Judith Raum takes place as part of the Königinnenwege IV-series, which is organised by maecenia. It is shown in cooperation with the foundation.

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