Last week: 27 to 31 July

Lübecker Str. 14, 10559 Berlin-Tiergarten

All performances start at 7:45 pm.

THE PERFORMANCES is a series of events that are taking place at a storefront in the neighborhood of Tiergarten throughout July 2009.


Based in Berlin, THE OFFICE temporarily occupies empty spaces throughout the city. The goal is to re-discover Berlin, to channel and transmit information, and provide space for discursive thinking around the arts. THE OFFICE is a collaboration between Ellen Blumenstein, Katharina Fichtner, Maribel Lopez and Kathrin Meyer. Founded in May 2009, THE OFFICE explores different models of cooperation between curators, writers and artists outside of the institutional context.

Kerstin Cmelka and Daniel Müller-Friedrichsen

Tuesday, July 28


A Microdrama by Kerstin Cmelka

"In my collection of "Microdramas" I use excerpts from existing dramatic texts as well as clichéd feature film scenes and theatrical shorts that already found their form, function and meaning as well as their audience in order to rehearse and perform them – for camera and live – with friends acting as amateur performers. The potential of language, gesture and mimicry in this folk-like theatre play material lies in its rhythmical, bodily rehearsal and repetitive use and mediation and is reinforced and brought onto another plain of meanings and connotations through the hermetic and intimate atmosphere in which it is trained in. Its format is expanded through the coexistence of privacy and the identification with the suggested characters that have to be performed." (Kerstin Cmelka)

Daniel Müller-Friedrichsen

"Insert subtitle here"

Daniel Mueller-Friedrichsen works resolving the borders between performance, documentary and cinema. He makes correlations between the media and the nature of documentation as a unique performance itself. The videos and performances become a narrative tableau including a performative character in production process, linguistic-ness through text, association and in ephemeral existentiality. The setting and staging of the performance-film becomes a performance itself by repeating and duplicating the experience of the authentic. Its not only a filmed past, it provokes its own new performance.