''Stars of Staedel'' 10.11.2009, 21.30 Uhr

''Stars of Staedel''
10.11.2009, 21.30 Uhr

Frankfurter Kunstverein
Steinernes Haus am Römerberg
Markt 44
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Ein Musikprojekt von Eric D. Clark und StudentenInnen der Städelschule

The Staedelschule has recently had a burst of activity in it's sound studio. Students have been working on soundscapes to conceptual performance pop. Professor Eric. D. Clark has been bringing these projects into "creative fruition" and has compiled the results onto a compilation called "The Stars of Staedel", which will be on vinyl with an individually glittered record cover, in a limited edition of 500.
As well as featuring his "Star" students, there are guest appearances from Peaches and Barnwave; the latter of whom have recorded exclusive tracks in the sound lab.
This night will include a live showcase of a select few students involved and the opportunity to pre-order this flashy record.

The "Stars Of Staedel" Showcase will feature:

Tyger Tyger
Max Brand
Ilja Karilampi
Rene Schohe
Immediate Memory (Product Promotion Video)
& Live deejay Professor Eric. D.Clark