Sun 10/23 at JAUS Closing Reception: Zeitenwende / Saluting The End

Please join us at JAUS Sunday October 23, 2011 for the closing reception of Zeitenwende / Saluting The End curated by Sandra Mann.

Zeitenwende / Saluting The End

Featuring: Lewis Baltz, Thomas Draschan, Bea Emsbach, Christine de la Garenne, Nathalie Grenzhaeuser, Florian Heinke, Sandra Mann, Anny & Sibel Öztürk, Manfred Peckl, Marcus Sendlinger, Johannes Spehr, Karsten Thormaehlen, Eva Weingärtner, Michael Wutz 

Curated by Sandra Mann 

JAUS is very pleased to present the group show Zeitenwende / Saluting the End featuring over a dozen artists living and working mainly in Germany. 

The title of the exhibition is a symbolic description of the advent of a global-social catastrophe that occupies the minds of the artists featured in this exhibition. The real or perceived threat of world demise and the advent of a new era – in short: the apocalypse. 

Although the interpretation of the apocalypse was originally biblical – the Revelation and Forthcoming Day of Judgement – it has become more widespread and secular over the course of history, both in spoken usage and in its general perception. 

The artists in this exhibition all address modern-day apocalyptic themes, such as political and social neglect, terrorism, self destruction, self-aggrandizement, brutality, hedonism, revolts, financial crashes, surveillance, drug addiction, mass media consumption, natural catastrophes and environmental pollution. Their interpretations of society and their subjects are transformed into metaphors and visual motifs of a modern-day apocalypse. 

The artists collectively draft a multifaceted picture of the state of our world. The works are diverse in terms of content and format (paintings, photos, videos, sculptures) and also raise the intriguing question of why humanity is drawn to destruction, and is endlessly fascinated by pending disaster. 

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