I Like Dalston and Dalston Likes Me

*I Like Dalston and Dalston Likes Me*

November 5th, 2011
130 Dalston Lane
E8 3AZ

A Performance Installation by Nissa Nishikawa 11am-8pm

Nissa Nishikawa will live for a day with three chickens on the roof of the FARM:shop, aiming for an agitation to investigate the horizon between animal and human. The transformations taking place in the chicken-coop are extended to encompass all the invisible forces with which the human have lost contact. She will transfer her state of being to another dimension, one in which different laws apply.

Nissa Nishikawa is an artist in the vast landscape of Performance. Her performances have been shown internationally in theatres, museums, galleries, forests, fields and films. Her most recent pieces were at The Jersey Opera House, Camden Arts Centre and Palace of Arts/Mucsarnok Kunsthalle Budapest.

*At 7pm Musicians Jonny Halifax aka. Honkeyfinger (www.honkeyfinger.com), Alan Jones and Visual Artist/Filmmaker Fritz Stolberg will join the space to create an improvised soundscape.


*BEECAMERALMIND* by Beatrice Steimer

Beecameralmind evokes a moment in a dream where you can have the identity of a feeling or an emotion, being anyone at anytime-at the same time. The Moorish princesses from the Saragossa Manuscript are the main protagonists. They make use of a ritual where they accept images or reject them. They perform a kind of energy channelling that also functions like a time machine where one of them in re-manifested in a different space.

Beatrice Steimer lives and works in Frankfurt. She graduated from the Städelschule in 2011. Her most recent exhibitions were at PERFORMA, New York and NOmad Kunstverein, Frankfurt.

*RUDDERLESS* by Igor and Ivan Buharov

Kornél Szilágyi and Nándor Hevesi have been working together under the pseudonym Igor & Ivan Buharov since 1995. Their films, mainly shot with a Super-8 camera, combine experimental filmmaking methods with aspects of storytelling. The protagonists in their films are usually amateurs and friends whose specific language and dialogue contributes to an atmosphere of timelessness and uncertainty of place.

Their new film “Rudderless” (“Kormányeltörés ben”) was produced in 2010 and screened among others at Manifesta 8, Murcia or at the International Film Festival in Salonica. It is inspired by the eponymous poem (1971) by the Hungarian poet István Domonkos (b. 1940), a modern epic, a self-analysis of a person living in minority status in former Yugoslavia in the early 1970s. Understood in broader context, the poem illustrates aspects of emigrant life, such as uprootedness, alienation or transformation of identity because of the loss of language. The visual depiction of the poetic text, at a swift tempo, leads us into a world of various political and economical situation, private or collective, and intimately familiar or utterly absurd moments and encounters.


*ARRASTRE* by Nicholas Brooks

Arrastre denotes a drag of the foot in dance terminology. It is also a crude apparatus for crushing ore. In this film the mechanistic and choreographed collide in an eerie tableau mouvant.

Nicholas Brooks works with film and installation colliding sculptural and cinematographic language. He lives and works in London.


The Moon’s Impossible Dream To Shine Its Own Light is the first instalment of a planned series of collaborations between filmmaker Fritz Stolberg and musician Kohhei Matsuda. Taking an experimental approach to live 8mm film projection in conjunction with live sound Stolberg and Matsuda are opening up to improvisation and the intervention of chance to explore an expansion on the vocabulary of their audio-visual language.

Fritz Stolberg’s practice as an artist and filmmaker is informed by a mixture of western occultism, eastern philosophies, ideas of utopia and explorations along the line that divides the world’s existence from its immanent non-existence. Parallel to his art practice he produces and directs Music-videos and Fashion-films. His work has been shown internationally in various exhibitions and festivals.

Clips of Kohhei Matsuda’s solo project and with the band Bo Ningen: