Wandering Blurb 1: Films by Stewart Uoo, Osamu Tezuka

Wandering Blurb 1: Films by Stewart Uoo, Osamu Tezuka
on Thursday, November 10, 2011, 19:00

Stewart Uoo, Confessions, 2011
Osamu Tezuka, Jumping, 1984

and a suprise screening: A movie about two American friends hiking in England. Naturally they take a bad turn and everything goes Jack Nicholson.
Tree branches enter into the frame, the camera pans down and we see a truck approaching. We are at a crossroads in the moors.The truck stops at the crossroads, the DRIVER, mustached and wearing tweeds, boots, and a muffler, climbs down. "Moon Shadow" ends.
Loud bang of the back grating on the truck as it slams down. Revealed among the sheep are two rudely-awakened young American boys. They look exhausted. They both carry backpacks, two American kids on a jaunt in Europe. They are both in their late twenties. It is very cold and they clamber out of the truck none too happily. Pushing sheep aside they step out and stretch.

– Did you hear that?
– I heard that.
– What was it?
– Could be a lot of things.
– Yeah?
– A Coyote.
Right now the coyote is just an extremely adaptable creature that's not a wolf, not a dog, not anything that we can put our finger on, except this trickster problem animal or Wile E. Coyote or the southwest animal. But we really created this problem when we eradicated the wolf, that's when the coyote started traveling east. We created that problem. They started interbreeding with red wolves and became a bigger, more powerful adaptable beast. We created that problem. When a coyote comes into our neighborhood and eats our tiny helpless little dog I think we created that problem too. So I think the coyote is still a kind of a trickster in the mirror of our own strange way of managing things. – Sarah Rose

This is the first of five events Elaine is hosting to count down the release of Wandering № 1 on January 13.

Elaine Mgk is the new venue at the courtyard of the Museum für Gegenwartskunst Basel.

St. Alban-Rheinweg 64
CH-4052 Basel

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