POST #3//15.12. ben butler&mousepad/heatsick daimlerstr.

heatsick (uk, ex birds of delay)
& ben butler & mousepad  (g/uk ex gay against you, ex gtuk)
donnerstag 15.12. 21h, daimlerstr.32 frankfurt
-gratis abziehtattoo für die ersten++++

Heatsick (Cocktail d´Amore, Pan Rec)
The sound of Heatsick comes from Steven Warwick of drone act Birds of Delay. Birds include Luke Younger and have toured the USA with Emeralds, opened for Sonic Youth and have several releases on various CDR and cassette labels including Alcoholic Narcolepsy, Warwick's own. 
Heatsick uses various instruments including voice, keyboard and percussion to create saturated washes of tone, floating and disintegrating entropic loops, while also using deliberately broken continuity as a playful, live conceptual gesture.
The project is focused on repetition as a means of creating abstraction, improvising with organic variations of a theme, yet embracing the artificial to facilitate a psychedelic mindshift. The music references a palette of sources from Musique Concrete and Psychedelia, through to the early Chicago House mix tapes, creating a unique and compelling sound.

Ben Butler and Mousepad (LOAF rec)
is Joe Howe, currently based in Glasgow,  Scotland. He has produced weird, complex, synth-led music under a bunch of aliases, including GAY AGAINST YOU and GERMLIN. The last few years have seen Joe producing an album for MOMUS, working on an Opera in Berlin about WENDY CARLOS and rocking festivals, residencies and clubs through Europe, as well as remixing BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB, DEERHOOF, FULGEANCE, KLAXONS and THE CHAP (amongst others). 
As Ben Butler & Mousepad, he plays solo or in duo with Bastian Hagedorn on drums, under a proper prog-rock/ skwee influence which doesn't forget fun.
Magma vs. Goblin on a Cosmic Sci Fi Dancefloor.
They've just toured the US with Deerhoof and have played alongside MSTRKRFT, Max Tundra, Mahjonng, Errors, Lucky Dragons and at festivals including Novafest (NO), OFF Festival (PO), Pictoplasma (DE), Sonic City (BE), Cimatics Festival (BE). Solo festival shows include Glasgow International Art festival (UK), Glasgow Film Festival (UK), Glade (UK), TDK Cross Central (UK), OYE (NO), Futuresonic (UK), Numusic (NO),ZXZW (BE).