May 3rd - Flute Douce - Frankfurt

When a Boat Runs Ashore, the Sea Has Spoken.
with: Forster Krone, Amy Zingfogl, Phillip Zach
curated by Jakov Loyd Goldstein
Flute Douce is pleased to present a group exhibition curated by Jakov Lloyd Goldstein with works by artists Amy Zingfogl, Forster Krone and Phillip Zach
Taking its title from an Irish saying that is used to indicate irrevocable collapse, When a Boat Runs Ashore, the Sea Has Spoken. brings into focus a Bermuda triangle of Frankfurt and Berlin based artists whose work collide in their involvement with disunity and contradiction.
The show opens on May 3rd , 20:00 and runs through May 20th2012.
Flute Douce is located at 34 A Oppenheimer Street, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.