The Realm of Speculation

The Realm of Speculation
(Salon Night)

“Carlitos nunca supo el olor de los mangos”, 2012.

23 May 2012
6-11 pm

Embassy of Cuba in Sweden
Stocksund, Stockholm
Sturevägen 9

Something has happened to the background music that seemed so pleasant yet simultaneously monstrous yesteryears. A specific contemporary mythography of the historical present was sort of flooded, and suddenly a new exchange of potential imaginaries seems to haunt the absurdity of actual hegemonic governance.

We might speculate on the issue of commencement or maybe even cautiously delineate a minuscule future, which in a sensual way - as we know, must tragically be informed by a specific gotico sureño, the unavoidable meta-register in which the lived experience of dealing with the grammar of the naked utterances of power is constant yet always negotiated.

The Realm of Speculation is the title of a show that works beyond an exercise of solely diagnostic speculation. Perhaps, and maybe quite obvious – the incapability of putting such activity to work, in itself shows the conditioned break-up that follows any artistic agency or practiced autonomy “post-crisis”. Nothing though, can be repented and every kind of costume change or thinly styled gestural desire is at the moment possibly a total adventure into other origins - mythical and real ones.

Participating artists: Valeria Montti Colque, Maikel Dominguez, Annabell Chin, Carla Garlaschi, Naun Rodrigo Juárez González, Luis Enrique López-Chávez Pollán.

Curated by Giorgio Giusti.