Caribic Residency will make a year-long commitment to work with an individual and create a sustainable professional relationship.

During this time we provide ongoing dialogue, support, integrity, guidance, as well as representation of your practice. Prioritising shared goals over individual desires, we form a healthy and fruitful engagement rooted in exchange and interdependency. Our holistic approach considers mental stability, fitness, endurance, spiritual balance and bettering relationships. We strive to assist you to develop your best potential and support the aspirations that you aim for.

In form of conversations, meetings, projects, practical advice on life and work, relaxation and motivation techniques, assistance in organisation and decision-making, listening and learning, we seek to create a situation for personal and professional growth. We meet on even terms and hope to inspire each other to discover possible ways of working and to nurture viable relationships in the arts.

For one year we will be your counselor, collaborator, coach, muse, mentor, fan, facilitator, representative, friend.

You have an art or art-related practice
Complete LIFE SUPPORT application form
(Request application form at

3 short-listed applicants will be taken on a 2-day walk
1 applicant will be chosen
Our relationship starts 2013*

*Please note that the realisation of Caribic LIFE SUPPORT in the above mentioned time period is subject to change. Details about our working relationship will be provided after consideration of applicants and issued to short-listed candidates only.