Palmengarten, Frankfurt
26th October - 18th November 2012
Open Monday to Sunday from 11.00 - 17.00

Private View
Thursday 25th October 2012 from 17.00 - 22.00
Press View from 16.00
Performance from 17.00 - 21.00
Introduction by Sophie von Olfers, Curator, Portikus

Gefährdung Im Paradies comprises a new film installation by Dana Munro with a contribution by Erika Landström, a publication press by Dana Munro & Clémentine Coupau, and a performance by David Cunningham.

Dana Munro's latest film, Keep up, operate and try to manage, consists of a set suggestive of a domestic interior filled with live birds. The camera movements are predetermined to track, pan and zoom regardless of the action within the scene. Erika Landström has been invited to furnish the installation with a carpet.

A large press akin to a traditional plant press has been constructed to compress materials and content from a selection of international artists/writers for the duration of the exhibition. Following the show the press will be dismantled with the output constituting a limited edition/publication titled Strata by Dana Munro & Clémentine Coupau. The contributors include Patricia Lennox-Boyd, Ailsa Cavers, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, David Cunningham, Gerald Domenig, Susan Howe, Steve Kado, Louis Pierre-Lacouture, Laure Prouvost, Nora Schultz, and Adrian Williams.

David Cunningham's Multispecies performance combines the sounds of a range of animal species and an electric guitar in an attempt to create and present an aural ecology as a parallel structure rather than exotic decoration. All the guitar sounds are originated live throughout the duration of the performance, the only prerecorded material is the Grr Jamming Squeak multispecies sound library (courtesy Paola Pivi).

David Cunningham will present a public lecture in the Staedelschule on Tuesday 23 October at 19.00 in the auditorium.

Dana Munro gratefully acknowledges the award of the 2012 Rudi-Seitz-Kunstpreis, and the cooperation and support of the the Frankfurt Academy of Painting Association, the Friedrich Wilhelm Meyer - Foundation, and  the Palmengarten, Frankfurt.

For entrance to the event please rsvp by the 23rd of October to:
Palmengarten der Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Siesmayerstraße 63
Lesesaal am Palmenhaus
60323 Frankfurt am Main
Telefax: 069/212-37856