HF/HAPPY FASHION / exhibition + publication // Perugia, Italy - opening on Oct 6th

an inventory, a research, an exhibition

via delle industrie 9, S.Eraclio di Foligno (PG) Italy
preview saturday 6th october 2012 h 12,00 / opening sunday 7th october 2012 h 16,00-19,00

Bettina Allamoda
Lisa Ann Auerbach
House of Diehl
Katja Eydel
Hans Hejkelboom
Mella Jaarsma
Marlon Griffith
Patrick Killoran
Antonio Riello
Joke Robbard
Gabi Schillig
Cecilia Stenbom
Emilia Tikka
Stephen Willats.

Viaindustriae will present an inventory, an exhibition on a specific issue, opening 7th october 2012.

Happy Fashion is a wide research about the “high and the low” fashion in Italy in which a series of stories connected to companies and manufacturers of the region-district of Umbria describe a piece af history of italian fashion; from Lancetti to Armani, from the xenophilous Ginocchietti to the sport innovation of Ellesse brand. A cultural trip also made of minor voices tied by “poor” clothing, tailing, pret a porter. Small companies of creative people who designed sundresses and aprons, franciscan rubber-sandals and rosaries made of coloured prayer beads. A sociological research which describes a split of the “happy society” of the 60's, 70's, 80's, (an happiness interrupted by the Years of Lead), contrasting with the crisis of the present age.

The exhibition presents in the disused factory of one of this companies, the interventions of international artists who use fashion as “antisystem”, metaphor of the contraddictions of society and crisis of the language.

The editorial project starts from a research/dossier about a textile's district, conceived after the finding of documents and materials located in an abandoned building of a small firm named Happy Fashion.

Begining for a wider range of inventory the editorial staff found a world of fashion designers, cloth hactivists, fashion victims, workers à façone, producers, master craftmen working in external laboratories in the umbrian countryside. Among these, we meet Felice, trustworthy knitter who works in his house for the high society of the italian fashion scene, the so-called made in Italy.

The exhibition/research catalogue will be out 10th november 2012

Info +39 3495240942 info@viaindustriae.it

exhibition dates: 6th october 2012 | 10th february 2013
hours: 16,00 – 20,00 on appointment / +39 349 5240942
info: info@viaindustriae.it