Yuki Kishino and Alexey Vanushkin: A Museum

A Museum
an exhibition proposal by Yuki Kishino and Alexey Vanushkin

23 - 25.11.2012 - open from 6 till 9 pm
opening on 23.11.2012 from 6 pm
at HfG-Projektraum im Hauptbahnhof
Bismarckstraße 146 D-63065 Offenbach am Main

* * *
'so, what do you think of the show?'
'oh yes, it's very nice, but i haven't got the chance to see it properly, to many people tonight.'
'yeah, i think i have to come back here again to see them properly.'
'you know they sort of, always exist only for an opening and then, kind of no one goes to see it again.'
'i'll get another glass,. do you want one?'

'...sorry, i got to say hi to someone over there...'

'hallo! wie gehts? have you seen the show?'
'no, i just got here. i need a drink first. is it for free?'
'no no.'

'There's this very nice pizza place not far from here and we...'

I found myself at the exhibition opening...