heute nacht! 6ter Dezember, 20 Uhr Performance (5 - 10 min) in Hessische Kunsthalle Tabakwaren (Ostbahnhof) danach 21Uhr SugarJar Guerilla Store im AZITA

here your are.

I will open the sugarjar [guerrilla store 游击店] for one night @ AZITA in Frankfurt (21h, Muenzgasse 9)) and performance @ Hessische Kunsthalle Tabakwaren/Ostbahnhof (20h, Tunnel zu den Regionalbahnen)

on dec. 6th (tonight), to selling some art journals, t-shirt and experimental music album that I brought from Chi-na(吃呐).
I'll show somethings from sugarjar studio with the noise scene in chi-na.

sugarjar studio founded in the summer of 2003, and from 2004 became the beijing independent / experimental art (usually about sounds) events planners and the happening place.
In the summer of 2010, beijing police and the property companies of 798 art district conspired raid, forced evictions sugarjar studio and the confiscation of all property... then the guerrilla career of sugarjar studio begins.

白糖罐工作室 SugarJar Studio