Konzert mit Tropa Macaca & Anne Imhof & lunchforyou - Montag 04 Feb.

Konzert mit Tropa Macaca & Anne Imhof & lunchforyou

Montag 04 Feb.
20:30 Uhr Café KoZ
Mertonstrasse 26-28, Frankfurt

Diese Veranstaltung wird präsentiert von Show.Off-Konzerte & "Ramaeus Neffe" und ist Teil der Serie »What do you call that noise? This is pop. A series of related events«.

Tropa Macaca are the ambient-noise duo of André Abel and Joana da Conceição. They have been going strong from their Portugal home base since 2005, while lunging out into the world with releases via Qbico, Ruby Red and Siltbreeze.

The newly released EP, Ectoplasma on Software Records (the sub-label of Mexican Summer owned by Onehotrix Point Never’s Dan Lopatin) has been described by Dummy Magazine as “(...) a lesson in pure sound design as potent as SND or Aaron Dilloway, yet filled with an unctuous listenability, a primordial, glowing slime that’s as addictive yet stately as the best in the genre (...)”


Anne Imhof studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach from 2000-2003 and went on to earn a master student diploma at the Städelschule in Frankfurt in 2012.

Her work, is a combination of performance-art, dance and sound sculptures of her own composition. A central feature of her performances are precisely constructed choreographies designed with intentional free room for improvisation.


Tobias Fischer bringer of the finest Beach-Drone-Pop and known as "Lunchforyou", makes music that is like concrete graffiti sprayed beaches, bleached out polaroids, slomo-skater-videos and the smell of blazing heat on asphalt. Especially for friends of "Topaz Rags", "Sun Araw", "Ducktails" and the like.

His music is set to be released on the super nice tape-label Kind City. When they say: "We like drone, and we like psychedelic stuff - that makes you feel nice and warm." ... You have to say: "we like you, too."