The life of the Centers

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The life of the Centers
a visual essay on pericentric narratives
org. by Beto Shwafaty

The book 'The Life of the Centers' is organized through the merging of stories, memories and information regarding changes in three regions considered centers in the city of São Paulo: the historical Center, Paulista avenue and Berrini avenue. Using photographs from public and private collections in conjunction with stories of anonymous characters and workers, the project culminates in a docu-fictional piece that questions the flows of urban development in the city, in an arc of almost 40 years. Images and memories are combine in a trajectory based on facts and real characters. From this encounter arise narratives and readings on urban, architectural and political changes that touch on both personal aspects, as in other of public and social nature. Edited by Editora Olhares, 2013. Production support from PROAC SP (São Paulo's State Fund for Culture, 2011). 

152 pgs
ISBN 978-85-62114-22-9