a group show by students of Städelschule Frankfurt am Main

Magnus Andersen, Bianca Baldi, Leda Bourgogne, Olga Cerkasova, Kitsum Cheng, Ian Edmonds, Richard Ess, Linda Grevenrath, Flaka Haliti, Billie Maya Johansen, Johanna Kintner, Dan Kwon, Erika Landström, Chloe Malcotti, Aislinn McNamara, Luzie Meyer, Anna Lucia Nissen, Jonathan Penca, Merle Richter, George Rippon, Jessica Sert, Helena Schlichting, Giovanni Sortino, Marcello Spada, Anina Trösch, Reece York, Dario Wokurka.

Opening: Thursday, 23 May 5 p.m.
Performances starting at 7p.m.

The exhibition 'Crema di mente' is the result of artistic and experimental research stemming from a trip taken to Naples in 2012  by a group of students of the Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main.The exhibition is inspired by the ideas of Claude Lévi-Strauss in his book "The Savage Mind" in particular the analysis of the concept of bricolage and the structure of the wild thought. That is the attempt to immediately reorganize available signs and events at hand into a new structures. 

 'Crema di mente' is a project by the students of Judith Hopf developed in collaboration with the curator Francesca Boenzi.  The exhibition is part of Maggio dei Monumenti 2013 and will be open from 24 May to 1 June 2013. The exhibition will be accompanied by the second issue of Rivista Apparente, a publication project initiated in 2013  by Anna Haas and Corrado Folinea.

With many thanks to: 
Städelschule Portikus e.V., Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Städelschule Frankfurt am Main, Assessorato Cultura e Turismo del Comune di Napoli e IV Municipalità Corrado Folinea/ Museo Apparente and Anna Haas

24.05.- 01.06.2013
Monday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Sala del Lazzaretto 
Complesso Monumentale di Santa Maria della Pace
Via dei Tribunali 226, Napoli, Italy