Martin Kohout: Gotthard

Exile is pleased to invite you to a unique event on June 13, 2013, at the Gotthard Road Tunnel, Switzerland.

Martin Kohout will run through the Gotthard Road Tunnel, which, at a length of 16.9 km, is the third-longest road tunnel in the world, connecting the German and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland. He will pass from one side to the other, alone and without a pause. No documentation will be taken inside the tunnel and Kohout will only be seen entering and exiting the tunnel.

The tunnel is special not only for its length but also its location, situated in an area significant to Swiss history and legends, remaining an important traffic link between Switzerland and Italy, spanning the interior mass of the eastern portion of the Lepontine Alps.

The run, as both a definite and physical action, has qualities that are measurable but its mark as a simple gesture is less distinguishable — the gesture has no time of a beginning or an end. The event takes place in a monumental yet hypnotically monotonous space otherwise devoted solely to traffic. The tunnel will be completely closed off to the public during the run and the artist, separated from any viewers, will carry out his run in private. Documentation will be possible at the exits, where the event can be considered publicly accessible.

A dedicated tour bus with a limited number of 12 seats will leave from LISTE Artfair in Basel on Thursday, June 13, and drive ticket holders through the tunnel to Airolo in the Canton of Ticino. It is from this point that Kohout will start his run through the tunnel. The party will then drive back over the mountains to the exit location at Göschenen, Canton of Uri, to await and greet Kohout once he exits the tunnel. An Apéro will be served. Subsequently, the bus will return the party to Basel. The bus can be joined by other vehicles on its way across the Gotthard Pass from Airolo to Göschenen.

Bus departure: June 13, 5pm, Basel, LISTE Airtfair, precise location will be specified by Exile
Run start: June 13, 9pm, Gotthard Road Tunnel exit in Airolo
Expected duration of the run: 90-100 minutes
For further information please contact or visit booth 2/2/2 at LISTE, Basel, June 11-16, 2013.

Skalitzer Str 104, Entrance A, DE - 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg, +49.30.76233061

Exile reserves the right to change the schedule of the event if necessary.
This event would not be possible without the support of Amt für Betrieb Nationalstrassen, Switzerland.