sajjanu! japan! next sunday!

concert und gluehwein
by knertz konzert gruppe

oetinger villa, darmstadt
sunday 20.10. 21h

Sajjanu (Tokio, Japan)

3 brothers from tokyo. one of them plays guitar in a karaoke bar: he knows more than 3000 songs.
((((melt banana, locust, king crimson))))
strictly out of 4/4 compositions.
two guitars & 1 drumset hunt each others through music history.
es ist verrückt!
tzadik records (john zorn)
maybe we do get a fundoshi live show?
you want to know what a fundoshi is?
komm vorbei.

Vital Beach (Frankfurt)

-smart and good looking:
-progressive, post-whatever duo
-ex daturah
-1 of the 3 only good bands from frankfurt

+cake and glühwein (herbst komm herein)