FIGHT at Center-Berlin starts Nov 29, 19 Uhr.

29.11.13 Baden Pailthorpe, Alexey Vanushkin
text: Jol Thomson

06.12.13 Anne Fellner & Burkhard Beschow, Marlie Mul
text: John Henry Newton

13.12.13 Daniel Jacoby, Hans-Henning Korb
text: Merel Cladder

20.12.13 Lars TCF Holdhus, Martin Kohout
text: Yves Scherer

10.01.14 Olivia Erlanger, Amalia Ulman

17.01.14 Juliette Bonneviot, Santiago Taccetti
text: Merel Cladder

One may fight to stay alive, to overcome addictions or jealousies. Others fight for power, for prestige and influence. There are play fights, staged fights, bets on fights, there are plethora’s of categories for a fight; separate, together, in gangs. There are fights that are over before they’ve even started, there are the Knock Outs, the TKO’s, brutal beatings, humiliation, ultimate champions and the even more severe fights to the death – there is war and peace. If we investigate the circumstances beyond more than the explicit posturing, we notice the simple fact of the possibility of there actually being something worth fighting for, something up for grabs, something, whatever it may be, to be discovered, experimented, engaged, interpellated.

Two ideas, modes, sets, sensitivities or sensibilities combined from separate creative entities could exponentiate and/or exacerbate meanings, situations, values, categories - affectively, efficiently - thereby opening horizons for further investigations, ways of examining, aligning, realigning, misinterpreting, rule-design breaking, parameter (un)setting. There is a significant pile of chance...

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Coeval is co-founded by Clémence Delatourdupin, Antoine Renard and Jol Thomson. It's an approach to research and knowledge production through a series of invitations.