Leda Bourgogne, Egija Inzule,
Henrik Olai Kaarstein, Bonny Poon, Mark van Yetter

Nov 9 – 30, 2013
Art Metropole Window

Imagine a film. What you see is a sailboat on a river. Looking at the sailboat you know that implicit to the situation is a downstream waterfall. The approaching chaos has not yet registered to those upon the vessel.

In the opening sequence we watch an air freshener twirl like a disco ball from a rear view mirror. The nature of the vehicle remains unclarified while attention is split between an out of focus marina and drama in the parking lot.

The air freshener depicts a waterfall but smells like burnt hair. It is a hilarious novelty. Over the course of the film it will come up more than once in conversation.

-Willie Brisco

Art Metropole
1490 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Canada  M6K 1T5