M/L Artspace presents: 'UNDER THE OAK TREE'

M/L Artspace presents: 'UNDER THE OAK TREE' at Paramount Ranch, L.A.

Specters of Hollywood fantasia haunt the saloon, lingering illusions only to be recast as the ultimate contemporary spectacle.  Roles are assigned, costumes worn, the shooting begins. It was only a matter of time before this collision was destined, our auditions ended long ago.

Scene: A town, somewhere outside of Los Angeles, could look like the Wild West, but strangely full of people.

After the dust settles, M and L take their places amidst the remains. As if a plague has swept through the village, the dead are carried away in bags. Remnants of furniture, belongings, are strewn about the ground, perhaps from a natural disaster or more likely a quarrel. There is a faint smell of gun smoke; cigarette butts and trails of spilled liquor (or piss? Blood?) blemish the surrounding dirt. A well-dressed couple, murmuring to each other softly, approaches the shade of the oak tree, seeming anxious about their encounter but taking momentary refuge from the brutal sunshine.
(End scene, repeat)                                           

– Jenny Borland