Exhibition Opening [14.05.2014] SEEKING THE UNCANNY

Paulas Currás, Untitled (LA), 2011, Photography, 43 x 27 cm

Exhibition Opening [14.05.2014] SEEKING THE UNCANNY 

Opening: Wednesday, 14 May 2014, 20 h


Curated by Elena Frickmann

The exhibition SEEKING THE UNCANNY, consisting of photographs and video art of different architectures and landscapes is a sort of "topography" of places that, for unknown reasons, provoke an uncanny feeling within the viewer. The focal point of this exhibition revolves around the discussion about "The Unhomely", a subject which Sigmund Freud, Charles Baudelaire and Martin Heidegger have all devoted their work to. The feeling of discomfort has been characterized by the modern fears, neuroses, phobias and alienation induced by extreme changes in society and technology. Architecture and Landscape can be a manifestation of these changes: its style and form is shaped by the influences of its time. And last but not least photography has been an important change, which Roland Barthes describes in his book Camera Lucida as somehow "uncanny".

SEEKING THE UNCANNY searches for this described feeling in a spatial dimension. These photographic and cinematic works attempt to reveal the essence of those situations and places, evoking the feeling of uncanny within each of us.

Patrick Alan Banfield [*1984] lives and works in Frankfurt am Main and Karlsruhe. He is student of Willem de Rooii at the Städelschule State Academy of Fine Arts since 2010 and guest-student in Isaac Julien's media art class. His work focuses on time-based media, installations and experimental films.

Paula Currás [*1989] lives and works in Madrid. She is graduating in Architecture and Fine Arts at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. Her artistic work deals with modes of representation of the real and the fictional, the contextualization of narratives through audiovisual and photographic media.

Max Huckle [*1987] lives and works in Karlsruhe. He studied Photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and at the Folkwang Essen. Since 2013 he is student of Silvia Bächli at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe. His work focuses on architecture and landscape photography.

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