Kunstpreis Bremen

Bremen 2014

The Prize of the Böttcherstraße has been awarded since 1955 and has been presented in the Kunsthalle Bremen since 1985. Organised by a private circle of donors – a group of members of the Kunstverein in Bremen – the prize is awarded to an artist living in the German-speaking area of Europe for an outstanding contribution to contemporary art. It includes 30,000 Euros in prize money. A nominating committee selects ten artists, who exhibit their work together in the Kunsthalle Bremen. An independent jury selects the winner from these ten positions in contemporary art. The 2014 Prize of the Böttcherstraße in Bremen will be presented to the winner on Sunday, 21 September 2014 at 11am in the Kunsthalle Bremen.

A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition.

The Opening of the exhibition of the Prize of the Böttcherstraße in Bremen is on Friday, 18 July 2014 at 7pm in the Kunsthalle Bremen.

Nina Beier
Natalie Czech
Max Frisinger
Susanne Kriemann
Pamela Rosenkranz
Dirk Bell
Loretta Fahrenholz
Sven Johne
Riccardo Paratore
Markus Schinwald