The Cosmic Cesspit 2014


A Two-Day Happening in and around a house in the hills of Zürich


We kindly invite you for two days of suffering joy, enchanted disillusionment, theoretical disasters and peaceful collisions with concerts, performances, art, food, and many other asides.


With: Alexey Vanushkin (RU), Anita Zumbühl (CH), Anna Solal (BE), Astrid Bossuyt (BE), Barbara Signer (CH), Bastiaan Van Aarle (BE), Benedikt Staubli (CH), Chloé Malcotti (FR), Christine Roggeman (BE), Clémentine Coupau (FR), Club Mayz (BE), Corrine Odermatt (CH), Delphine Somers (BE), Egopusher (CH), Evan Lamagna (US), Felix Jungo (CH), Felix Kindermann (DE), Frederik De Wilde (BE), Garrett Nelson (CH), Helena Lemonnier (BE), Inger Wold Lund (NO), Jasmin Moeller (DE), Julie Scheurweghs (BE), Mahsa Saloor (IR), Malmzeit (CH), Manon Van Trier (NL), Marianne Mueller (CH), Melanie Matthieu (BE), Michael Bodenmann (CH), Miriam Rutherfoord (CH), Naturjuuz (CH), Rico & Michael (CH), Scott Rogers (CA), Simon Buckley (UK)