Three Sisters at Vrångsholmen

Please feel warmly invited to visit Three Sisters at Vrångsholmen at Vrångsholmen, Sweden for the three-day opening 5-7 of September.

Vrångsholmen was built in 1907 as a reformatory for problematic young boys from Gothenburg. Around the same time Anton Tjechov wrote his play Three Sisters, a story about the three sisters Olga, Mahsa and Irina's life and their dissatisfaction about living in the Russian countryside, far away from their home town Moscow.

The artists realising the group invention Three Sisters at Vrångsholmen are Josefin Arnell, Adam Fearon, Nina Fránková, Jana Fröberg, Max Göran, Lukas Heistinger, Ingela Ihrman, Eli Levén, Anders Nilsson, Filippa Pettersson and Inger Wold Lund.

Please RVSP if you would like to join us so that we can arrange accomodation for you.

For further information please visit

Vrångsholmen 6
45791 Tanumshede