Bernhard Schreiner . 12.9. Opening . Invitation

Bernhard Schreiner
Application to Waves
12 Sep – 31 Oct 2014

Friday  12 Sep   7 - 10 pm
The artist is present

Saturday 11 - 6 pm
Sunday 11 - 6 pm
Heteronyme, 2014
Lichtbild auf Papier 
Cyanotypie (Detail)
106 x 78 cm

The garden of the Städel Museum was the venue for one month, until 31 August, for the sound installation The Encryption Garden by Bernhard Schreiner and Alan B. Brock-Richmond. Acoustic waves are the focus too of Schreiner's third solo exhibition in our gallery, titled Application to Waves. Works in paper, sculpture and video will be presented.

Created without the use of a camera, the experimental photography (cyanotypes) series Heterodyne, for example, brings to mind large watercolours. However, the fine, intensely blue lines and circles originate from the effects of light. A laser pointer circled in the dark for several hours over the photosensitive paper. The impulse for the extraordinary circular motions came from the rhythm of a speaker diaphragm projected onto the laser pointer. Each sheet of the series represents a correspondingly different frequency basis, resulting in quite distinctive imagery.

From 24 September, the renowned Kunstraum in Munich will be showing a solo exhibition of new sound works by Bernhard Schreiner.
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