our hot

CIBO book release 
15th of January, 9pm
filmkitchen, Staedelschule
Duererstrasse 10, FFM

Our Hot
book, 72 pages, colour, hard cover, paint on canvas, 30 signed copies
Our hot is a book about the twelve months research period of Cibo: guest chef, performances, milkshakes, drama and more are collected from the place that hosted the project.

with contributions by: Amy Ball, Bianca Baldi, Lars Karl Becker, Christin Berg, Calori & Maillard, Buck Ellison, Janusch Ertler, Lina Hermsdorf, Maki Ishii, Natasja Loutchko, Chloe Malcotti, Anna Lucia Nissen, Giovanni Sortino, Franziska Stenglin, Mark Walker, Julia Zabowska