OPENING: 17.03.2015 Brandon Cramm - God Only Knows

18.03.2015 - 19.04.2015 
OPENING: 17.03.2015

God Only Knows
Brandon Cramm 

"I stopped about six feet from the creature and he didn't look as bad close up as he did at a distance. His eyes seemed to be kind and gentle and his funny face, as it was, had a sort of peacefulness about it. But even so, you can't always tell.

We stood there looking at one another. The both of us understood there was no use talking. We just stood and sized one another up.

Then the creature took a couple of steps and reached out a hand that was more like a claw than a hand. He took my hand in his and tugged for me to come.

There were just two things to do - either snatch my hand away or go.
I went." - Cilfford D Simak

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