After last year’s success PAF invites you to the second annual Summer University. The month-long gathering brings together the unique opportunities that PAF can offer with four curatorial teams who will design and animate four different weeklong sections: music, philosophy, dance, text. Where these weeks will bring the participants should remain a mystery, as we consider curation to imply an invitation to a multiplicity of practices, processes, presentations, modes of documenting and sharing, dialoguing, discussing and talking. The motivation is to produce four shared adventures with the support of aesthetic expression and in-depth thought. We understand each week as a preparation leading up to the weekend where the emphasis is presentation, concert, performance, festival, fête, lectures or seminar that we build together.

The teams have been given complete freedom to design the seven days as they feel, gathering artists and scholars, commissioning works, inviting everybody at PAF to share and produce together weeks and weekends that celebrate our practices, giving them new frames to gain visibility, response and momentum.


04 - 10 August - Talking Music
11 - 17 August - Philosophy: (In)Formalizing the Outside: Sex, Mathematics, Cybernetics
18 - 24 August - Indigo Dance 2: Choreographic Practice in bed with Contemporary Dance
25 - 31 August – MEADOW (it’s all writing) - TXT In Contemporary Aesthetic Practices -

PAF is a self-sustained privately ran artist centre initiated 2005, located 150 Km north-east of Paris. PAF can host up to 100 people and offer opportunities for individuals and groups to utilize its resources including kitchen, studios, technical equipment and it’s social wealth. PAF is located in the small village of St Erme, close to nature and wildlife. The 19th century mansion offers good comfort and extensive work opportunities for artists and others independent of expression or format. PAF does not charge for participation and does not engage in a selection process.