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Opening: Friday 16 October 2015, 7pm
16 October - 16 December 2015

With the publication of "My Whole World" by Hardy Hill.


The Integrated Library System was an advanced piece of software, expensive too, evidenced by the interface which was not user friendly. The system was providing him with data, obscuring the blush of real-complicated human lives only a little, but also bearing it witness, this was a matter of fact. The advanced software could have generated different kinds of visualizations of the little living light data-points, but the software engineers probably had different ideas about the big trick of trying to see the all-atonce world from any given angle or vantage point, and so cold comfort, cold comfort.

There had been two hangings during the preceding week in the area used for public holidays and markets and celebrations and hangings, located across the canal. But Enos Enoch the librarian had not been a part of their organization or the construction of the modular steel gibbet or the festooning of the modular steel gibbet with pine garlands or the distribution of tokens of memory and sentimental attachment to the on-lookers.

The Hangman had had similar emotional reflections to the ones Enos Enoch was having just right then during the proceedings, especially upon activating the release for the platform, modernized (hatred and the intentional doing of harm were not tolerated, even in such sorry matters and strange countries) and so achieved by motorized hinge and valve, which had brought to swift conclusion the worries and financial obligations of the horse thief, and consecrated him to the motionless axis of rotation, which we call Joy and which we call life-everlasting. Still, the reflections felt pretty much just those of Enos Enoch’s personal mind on the blue day we are talking about.

Enos Enoch the Librarian was also thinking about the Lotus Eater across the deep as deep depression ocean, and was attempting a spiritual projection to help that the Lotus Eater wouldn’t forget his very-old-home like lotus eaters are want to do whenever they get a chance to.

Enos Enoch the Librarian was also having thoughts about the Lotus Eater across the deep as deep depression ocean, and he was formulating prayers because he really wished that the Lotus Eater could find new life, and see joys everlasting, and not struggle so much anymore. And he could really feel and experience troubles separated from him by a great large deal of white and sometimes-black and cold water, and this was unusual, because evil should not cross water, except he supposed as in cases such as this, where it is attached like a sucking fish to love of the real variety.

Rebirth, KY
Harmony, NH
Agape, OR
Rebirth, AK
Gloucester, MA
Adaptation, AR

And so on.

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