"Stuffing" - Bradley Davies, Aileen Murphy

Bradley Davies, Aileen Murphy
curated by: Elena Frickmann

14. - 28. Dezember

Opening: 14. Dezember 18-22 Uhr

Städelschule (architecture building)
Dürerstraße 10
60596 Frankfurt

Modern Game

* * *

farsightedness; the brilliance it takes to be a leader. That’s the difference between me and him. If only he would stop walking up and down. It’s driving me nuts! His permanent knocking. knock knock knock. Poor poor Lakenfelder. Sir, I think this could be much more developed, if we would wait a little longer. Tell me about it! But we are running out of time. If we could only find a way. Not since the last golden era has any major plan of this type been attempted and, of course, there have been many changes since that time.

Lakenfelder! Lakenfelder! We are going in circles! You damn son of a wench! He’s gonna roast like a chicken. They all will, and I will enjoy every second of s-l-o-w-l-y spinning the pike. Wasn’t I always there for them? Looked after them with loving care. Lakenfelder! Can you… can you hear that? It’s the stroke of a wing! No Sir, sorry, can’t hear any noise. If he would only stop knocking! It’s clearly there. The constant rhythm. How can he not notice? But of course he can’t. It’s coming from the depths of my memory. Oh, how did it came so far? This was once my empire. When I walked along its edges and I looked up and down, I was an eagle spreading my wide golden laced wings, circling over the white land. So white. One could get lost in the dazzling brightness. Disappearing into the horizon. Sir, please allow me to speak, couldn’t we think of other possibilities? Pffff. What does he know. What does he know about possibilities. He never had more than one. Unlike me. I had them all.