Martin Kähler

19. Januar 19-22 Uhr
19. - 29. Januar

Städelschule (architecture building)
Dürerstraße 10
60596 Frankfurt

Reality changes all the time. It moves and is transformed incessantly by the interpretation and experiences of our individual ego. Reality is part of life as it brings the necessary changes and meanings that we all need to express ourselves. However, with the incessant changes that we all need, realities seem to change with the transformation of consciousness. It can never be fixed, never be constant, but remains limited in time and space. Reality is as fluid as water, as ephemeral as air, and therefore, in itself, can never be rooted, anchored or possessed, since it comprises nothing other than changing appearances. So clearly, since reality is a projection of our own understanding of something, Emptiness is devoid of reality.