SUNDAY (14.08): Live Concert with SETH GRAHAM (US), G.S. Sultan (US) & GORA SOU (FFM) @ Office Du Pain

"I'm not gonna die in 4/4 time." Moondog

Friends and family,
this sunday we will celebrate the next NEW PLEASURE LIBRARY EVENT at Office Du Pain.

We're proud to present three adventurous projects from the Orange Milk label roster for the first time in Germany. 


SETH GRAHAM (US, Orange Milk, Experimedia, Noumenal Loom)

G.S. SULTAN (US, Orange Milk, Umor Rex, Phinery)

GORA SOU (FFM, Orange Milk, SicSicTapes, Lillerne Tapes)


Seth Graham is an Ohio Based artist, composer and co-owner of Orange Milk Records with an academic background in Philosophy. He focuses on compositions which highlight tropes across a broad range of musical genres using midi data, Max MSP and samples. His intention is to manifest intersections of classical avant garde and modern popular music with compositions shaped from light hearted Creshevsky-style sample arrangements to dense digital synthesis. Seth Graham’s work has been published by music imprints such as Noumenal Loom, Experimedia, Orange Milk, Phinery, Los Discos Enfantasmes and Tranquility Tapes.

Roy Werner is a Brooklyn based visual artist and composer focusing on sample oriented composition through custom software written in Max/MSP. Often under the moniker G.S. Sultan, his sonic work attempts to force spanning source material into connotative and contextual equivalence via a translation of data into musical structures and cues. Following a similar conceptual arc, Werner’s visual work employs the same software to process and manipulate video samples for multimedia pieces suggesting two sides of the same algorithmically rendered coin. He is performing throughout Europe in support of a new full-length LP, Redundancy Suite (Phinery, August 2016) and has worked recently with other imprints including Orange Milk Records and Mexico-based Umor Rex to release music.

Marc Übel, based in Frankfurt am Main, has been releasing experimental electronic music under the alias “Gora Sou” since 2013. In doing so he creates contrasts at all levels; analog and digital technologies are connected with each other, seemingly chaotic arrangements dissolve into clearly ordered structures and apparently contradictory sounds are brought together in compositions that continually develop. Übel's live sets connect many ideas that are found in his albums – improvisation, a focus on sound textures and the special power of controlled chance. Multiple albums by Gora Sou have been released on labels such as Orange Milk Records, Noumenal Loom, Lillerne Tapes, SicSic Tapes and Further Records.
Office du Pain
Wächtersbacherstr. 82
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