OPENING 25.10.2016, 19h - Laura Schawelka - Ornamentation

OPENING 25.10.2016, 19h

Laura Schawelka

I’m describing this image from memory.
He is lying face down on the table with his arms straight by his side and his palms turned to the ceiling in an uncomfortable seeming twist. His black silk pajamas look festive. His face has been turned to the camera with closed eyes looking almost as if he has been laid out for a wake on a dining table and crudely flipped over.
His body divides the image in half. Disregarding the horizontal pose he was photographed in portrait format, forcing the interior to become part of the scene. The corner of the room is windowless and entirely clad in dark brown wood, barely lit by a brass chandelier and some sconces. Scattered behind his body on the large table are the remnants of a meal, trash piled on an empty plate and some glasses and cups. There are several jumbled dark blue chairs around him. The image is bare of any indicators of time. On the wall behind the table is a credenza with some decorative objects. Between two identical Greek-style vases stand a collectible plate that features a large Playboy bunny logo in gold and two bottles of Playboy water. Above it, partly overlapped, hangs a small Jackson Pollock painting in a lavish frame (a copy of an original sold at auction many years ago). Interrupting this symmetrical altar-like setup is a black handbag bursting open with a white plastic bag popping out. Other than him there are no people in the photograph.

OPENING 25.10.2016, 19h
26.10.2016 - 12.02.2017

Oppenheimer Landstraße 85H
60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany