Kitchen Talk Monday Feb 27, 6 pm Consume Bar

Kitchen Talks 

On occasion of Städelschule's 200. birthday, you're invited to join Kitchen Talks – an inofficial short-series of open conversations in FILMKÜCHE with former and current Städelschule associates.

Fourth guests: Consume Bar
Christian Pantzer and Tony Hunt
Mon, FEBRUARY 27, 2017 – 6 PM .

Consume that was lead by Christian Pantzer, Daniel Kohl and Tony Hunt, Jim Dudley is a nomadic, at times self-propelled, bar and soundsystem, maybe an installation, initiated in a few subterranean, derelict rooms of the Städel in 1991. Back then, the bar ran for three hours every Thursday evening, with "Last Orders" being called at 8:45 pm. At this time, there was no Mensa in the Städel and there wasvery little chance for students and professors to meet and discuss informally. Consume provided, for a moment or two, a social hub or place where ideas could be tested as heatedly as one needed too. Soon Consume progressed out of the Städel to turn it's attention to all kinds of latent spaces in other cities in Europe and as far as Thailand.

*COMING UP ALSO: Peter Kubelka and more
**we will be serving food & wine

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