Home Sick, Sick Home, a solo show by Okan Yildirim

OJ presents; Home Sick, Sick Home, a solo show by Okan Yildirim, will be presented from April 6 through April 21. Istanbul.




Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner

We started from the top now we here…

Libidinal investment yes to some extent.
acquired mental weakness. Surely.
Okan Gangnam Style meanwhile.
Note for myself.
Break out of this eternal cycle of functioning
Open to all possible interpretations crossed out

It’s that old devil moon in your eyes.
Symbolic deadlock homie
Locate the brutal outburst of violence
track it down
and direct it at yourself.
Tiny private dreams of PM
stage a desire
our nightmares, our realities
We crafted them, sustained then
You wanted to be special so take it.

Fantasy;;; fundamentally a lie covering up inconsistency providing an easy solution to a complex multitude of fears.
Now substitute this fear with one simple answer: