SaisonstART 2017: Thomas Bayrle, Bernhard Schreiner - WARP WEFT

SaisonstART 2017 - Thomas Bayrle, Bernhard Schreiner: WARP WEFT 

16 September 2017

12 am - 6 pm: Sound installation 
15:30 Uhr: Artist Talk with Thomas Bayrle, Bernhard Schreiner and Julian Rohrhuber
"I put my ear to the engine block and actually heard the delicate, little voices of women singing somewhere deep in the transmission." - Thomas Bayrle 

Bonner Kunstverein warmly invites you to attend a special event as part of the programme for SaisonstArt Bonn. 

In advance of our next exhibition 'The Policeman's Beard is Half Constructed' artists Thomas Bayrle and Bernhard Schreiner will speak on their collaboration for the record 'WARP WEFT'. Their recording, which features the sound of an industrial Jacquard-loom, the first machine to be programmed algorithmically with a binary code, will echo through the Kunstverein's foyer space for one day. 

The full programme for SaisonstART can be found here: For more details of our forthcoming exhibition see:

The event has been developed in collaboration with Volker Zander and is supported by Musikfonds.

Image: Bernhard Schreiner, 2015