hafen 2

hafen 2

opening June 23rd. 2006 19.30 uhr
Sankt hans bonfire 21.30 uhr -

Morten Steen Hebsgaard : "I really feel like ice-cream right now"

Oliver Heinzenberger "I'm sure there is one around the corner"

(Benedicte Sehested is on the phone, but follows them to the Thrinkhalle)

Morten: "which one will you have?"

Ollie: "I go for the Smarties one."

Benedicte: "I want the red one – "Bum Bum""

Trinkhalle owner: "Bum Bum .. Du kannst auch von mir eine geknallt kriegen."

Benedicte: (not understanding much German)" Jah"

Benedicte: "Should we eat the ice cream outside, or should we go
upstairs and write this press release?"

Ollie : "No first we eat our ice cream - here in the sun"

Morten: "How do we write the press release? Are you online here - so
we can find someone else's and just copy-paste?"

Benedicte: "No but I think I have a press release from the De Rooij /
De Rilke show I saw in New York upstairs – we can copy that."

Morten : "Yeah, we will just change the names in it."

Ollie: "Did you eat your chewing gum in your "Bum Bum"?"

Benedicte: "No, it was all stiff and weird."

Ollie: "And the taste usually only lasts for a second anyway - and is
really bad"

Morten: "You said that we could also write something about, how we all
make some sort of contemporary art."

Ollie: "We should probably also say that we are in the same class at Staedel."

Morten: "I am really bad at drawing on the computer, I can draw a
bonfire for the invitation."

Benedicte : "What about the snobrød, Sankt Hans – that June 23rd is
the longest day of year – when we burn the witches in Denmark."

Ollie: "When you burn the bitches?"

Ollie "What is snobrød?"

Morten: "It is dough that you wrap around a wooden stick and put in
the bonfire."

Ollie: "Ahh yes, we call it Stockbrot"

Benedicte: "It is really nice all sticky in the inside and burned on
the outside."

Morten : "But then there is also the luxury version, where you put
ketchup on it."

(Upstairs in Benedicte's room)
Benedicte: "Bring one of the chairs from the kitchen."

Morten: "You are in luck because there is only one."

Ollie:" We could also just write the press-release as a dialogue."