OEen Group Show - From Jan 11th to Feb 4th 2007 - Israelsplads

OEen Group Show

From Jan 11th to Feb 4th 2007

It is a great pleasure for OEen Group to present our first exhibition "OEen Group Show", an exhibition with works by 14 Danish and international artists. The exhibition includes small-scale works in a wide variety of media compressed to fit a container at a building site in central Copenhagen.

Participating artists: Matthieu Clainchard (F), Manuel Gorkiewicz (A), Tue Greenfort (Dk), Lasse Schmidt Hansen (Dk), Ellie Harrison (UK), Oliver Heinzenberger (De), Juha van Ingen (Fin), Jakob Jensen (Dk), Sean Lynch (Ir), Henrik Menné (Dk), Kaj Nyborg (Dk), Simon Starling (UK), Michael Sailstorfer (De), Pernille Kapper Williams (Dk)

Although the artists work with different approaches to art, they could all be seen as representatives of a larger tendency on the international art scene. A tendency loosely defined by a conceptual approach to the production of context-aware objects, and an interest in how complex systems and objects interact. The limited amount of space considered, it will be a dense exhibition where individual works inevitable will feed on one another, making it possible for unexpected meanings to arise - and thereby emphasizing their sensitive qualities.

For the Oeen Group Show we have commissioned the writer Niels Henriksen to write an essay about cannibalism in art - a particular interest of his.

The essay is concerned with artistic strategies as a form of cultural cannibalism.

About OEen Group

OEen Group consist of five artists with an interest in a broad range of contemporary art forms by artists outside the mainstream of the Danish art scene. Our aim is to establish a different kind of space for art alongside commercial galleries and established spaces already present in Copenhagen, by introducing overlooked artist from Denmark and artists from abroad.

OEen Group aims to represent multiple ideas and tendencies rather than a single coherent profile in an attempt at forming a meeting point for visual arts as well as other arts such as music, design, architecture, film and literature. We aim to be an unpredictable and dynamic place by frequent changes of location and methods, thereby changing the conditions for art and eventually the art itself.

During spring 2007 we are putting on a series of four different shows at our current location at Israels Plads in Central Copenhagen before moving on to our next location(s). Future plans include virtual shows in Second Life, new land art and digestible art. Alongside regular shows we run longer or shorter projects, discussions, events and releases.

OEen Group is a non-profit and independently funded space.

We are happy to welcome you in the Oeen Group space.

With kind regards

OEen Group