Bildspiel Oct/Nov

Dear, here are dates for screenings & installations with my video works,
if you are anywhere near, very welcome!


Live @ 8, Galway, Ireland, 29 oct, 20:00
Cosmic Voyage, 2008
Live @ Number 8 is a monthly event in Bar Number 8, Galway City,
Curated by Michele Horrigan

Moving, Clarion Hotel, Stockholm, 31 oct
Cosmic Voyage, 2008
Moving Clarion Art Film Festival, opening at 18:00
Cosmic Voyage is being shown as an installation next to an elevator
shaft & a panoramic window

Zuviel TV, Berlin, 6 nov, 21:30
Being Thomas Crown 9:25 min, 2008 by Ilja Karilampi
Neo-Depressionists,10:33 min, 2007 by Ayaka Okutsu & Ryan Siegan-Smith
Remembrance of Things Past 7:06 min, 2006 by Bryan Zanisnik
Fiction Follows Form, 3:10 min, 2008 by Julia Oschatz
curated by Saul Judd
zuviel.TV - Torstrasse 137 - 10119 Berlin

Ted Stevens?, Restaurangen, Stockholm, 20 nov, 22:00
A new light/video installation will be revealed at the club Ted
Stevens? in Stockholm

Best wishes, Ilja Karilampi