"WIMMER": a summer party in winter – 22 Uhr – 14/01/2009 – PORTIKUS, Frankfurt

PORTIKUS und SEXtime present:

"Feel outside summer inside in winter"

14. Januar 2009, 22 Uhr

Alte Brücke 2/Maininsel
60594 Frankfurt/Main

Eric "D" Clark
DJ pants-tent
DJ arrive-in-your-shorts


It's a cold winter outdoors - so to be warm, come to another outdoors with a SEXtime party where we put out, in. To say "no" to winter 2008/9 SEXtime will party like its August 14th on January 14th. Its true that you can't have a summer without a winter, so we plan to make winter colder by having a party that goes on summer camp. The red-hot incubator that is the Portikus heats from the bottom up with floor heating! You too can heat yourself ass-up, while you party in the outside-inn. Entering Portikus, you'll find yourself outside again, but in summer. Our "Wimmer" party will render everyone a swimmer, with camp décor, pools, long cold drinks, and dirty island riddems.

SEXtime's "Wimmer" will show you how to toss aside your electric bed sheets and discover your wild-side.

For this penetrating climax, Sex Time gives stage to what really goes on behind the Portikus tent flap (or under the floor, or in the bathroom, amongst other compromising positions), while the Djs reveal their HOT tips from their years of experience "playing the field".

Pitch your pants-tent and come on in - to the warm outside! It''ll be hotter than a cold day...