23./24.09. - Enad Marouf "Retarded Beatbox" at beige cube - 21:00

23. und 24.09.2010 
beige cube
oppenheimer str. 34a Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
Enad Marouf

"Retarded Beatbox"

This is about you taking part. Not about you agreeing or not. 
You have your decisions, thoughts and your autonomy, but how ever you think you are stepping outside of it, you are still part of it, for that you will be incorporated with or without your acceptance. 
This isn't going any where,Even though events, actions, processes are active, present and taking part. 
There are desires, motives and drives, but they don't function in the dispositif of administration. They are fluids that run through holes and cracks, if the agency builds a barrage they become micro micro dust that is easily carried by air. The machine is not able any m- -hold them in an archive that is archived, that is chronological, that makes applied logic. But They function with their logic, awareness and reflection. They are "ethology"- ore to capture them. 

It is still production, don't be fooled with the fleeing mode up there. 
This is working.
These are functions.