decent work, decent pay

Stephen Suckale
Lars Karl Becker

decent work, decent pay

Schmidt & Handrup
Moltkestraße 81, 50674 Köln, Deutschland

Vernissage: Thursday, 4 September 2014, 6 - 9 pm
5 September - 25 October 2014

opening hours during Cologne-Düsseldorf gallery weekend:
Friday, 5 September, 12 - 10 pm
Saturday, 6 September, 12 - 8 pm

Stephen Suckale works with halftone screen used for printing. He obscures the imagery of advertising brochures by drawing over them. The drawings evoke complex forms within the trivial layouts of commercial visual language. They are reproduced on fabrics, several of them sewn together to create a new image - and thus becoming parts of a greater structure. The patterns of printed advertisements are degraded to serve the artist's visual expression.

Lars Karl Becker uses CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) as a source for his work. CGI is used for advertising purposes and reproduces no more than the mere object that is promoted. Becker upscales these images until they reach life size. He then dissolutes the color and uses it to paint over the printed object. The raw reproduction of an object is being reduced to what it is - an image.

The works of both artists share the appropriation of the presentation of commodities. With their sculpture "Künstler" ("artist") they fill up the gallery space with confetti made from commercial print products. The visitor will have to wander through the indigestible remains of this production.

Stephen Suckale (1979, Frankfurt M.) studied at Städelschule, Frankfurt M. with professors Thomas Bayrle and Michael Krebber. He lives and works in Frankfurt M.

Lars Karl Becker (1984, Frankfurt M.) studied at Städelschule, Frankfurt M. with professor Tobias Rehberger. He lives and works in Frankfurt M.